Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revisiting the Golden Tresses of Anderson

“Four or five teams expressed interest in the outfielder after he became a free agent this offseason. That group included the Cubs, Nationals and Reds, but ultimately, the Royals stood as Anderson's ideal destination.” Yup, the one and only Brian Anderson is headed to the Royals. The outfielder is returning to the AL Central after a brief stint in Boston. Surprisingly enough, he did pretty well in Bean-Town. Blondie had five hits and two homers in 17 at-bats with the crimson Sox.

The thing is, Brian talks a lot about digging his own hole and what might have happened if he did ‘something’ differently. What is this something?

In similar news, Javy Vazquez and Boone Logan are headed to the Yankees. Javy has already spent a year with the Yankees, and ended the year with a 14-10 record. The truth it, Javy has been quietly having himself a career year. He posted a career-best 2.87 ERA and a 15-10 record. Over 219 innings. Just goes to show how great the National League can treat pitchers. And this isn’t just a typical joke. It’s true. Javy has not had an ERA below 4 in the American League (with the exception of 2007). So, I guess what I’m saying is… Javy is still a good pitcher, maybe. Probably only in the National League. And probably not when he’s under pressure. Er… what were we talking about again?

In more, also similar news, Octavio Dotel has been offered a pretty good deal to close for the Pirates. I’d have some sort of statistics similar to those I presented for Javy, but they’re too all over the place. All I can say is that the guy is more of a set-up guy than a closer as far as I can tell. How many times did Dotel come into the game only to give up a 2-run homer? More than any closer should.

The theme of the post is clear. It’s the future of ex-Sox players. Because the future of the Sox as a team is unknown. But let’s face it, since it’s Christmas Eve, let’s be positive. There’s a lot of potential on our team. And the future of the Sox can still be bright.

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