Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Jose Contreras must have some sort of time machine. Maybe he has some sort of muscle memory that lasts over a month rather than one motion. Maybe it was the socks. Either way, he did it! Jose Contreras pulled 7 innings and just one run out of his derrière. After pitching 4.1 innings and allowing 6 runs last time. And 4.2 innings and allowing 4 runs the time before that. And the time after that, just 2.2 innings and allowing 3 runs. Did I mention that he had 8 strike-outs? I don’t get it. Why is it that he can get completely dominated one week and then throw a near shut-out the next?

Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it happened. And after Freddy Garcia was unable to hold the Royals, Contreras managed to stop the bleed and got the Sox within 2 games of first place again.

Guess what else is back to form? The longball. Well… maybe not. HOWEVER, 3 of yesterday’s 4 runs came from solo home runs from Rios, Beckham, and Quentin. Good to see that all these fellas still have some thunder in their bats.

As for the day before, it was about 5 innings of work for Freddy Garcia, about 4 runs, and an overall loss. It’s clear that Freddy isn’t quite ready to be an ace for any team. Supposedly, he can’t get excited enough to pitch for the Royals, but I’m not quite sure it’s that as much as him being out of practice and ready for retirement.

In the future, we’re about to see the Orioles, and they’ve been on a downward skid. Meanwhile, we’re putting our number 1-3 pitchers out there. Sounds good, right? Let’s hope so, because if there’s ever a time to catch up, it’s now. Not when we head to the likes of Fenway Park.

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