Saturday, August 22, 2009

Danks Holds On To That Feeling (in his finger)

I missed yesterday’s game- and I’m infinitely grateful for that. I almost wished I missed today’s game. John Danks sputtered and stuttered and struggled worse than I’d seen anyone struggle since I saw Bartolo Colon’s donkey carrying him up a mountain. [Har-har! Fat jokes!] Apparently, Danks’s circulatory problem was far from under control. A close-up of his fingers showed it looking purple. In one inning, he walked three, gave up a base hit, and threw 36 pitches. D.J. Carrasco was in the bullpen in the third inning and I imagined Tony Pena or Randy Williams forced to hold down the Orioles single-handedly through 4 or so innings until Ozzie could revert to the Thornton/Dotel/Jenks formula. And you know what? He made it through 6.1 inning, and no Orioles scored until after his exit. I think I didn’t breathe at all until Danks passed the ball to Ozzie.

The Sox posted [some article] right before the game on their website, attributing the circulatory problems to dip. Now, it’s odd that this circulatory problem was never brought up. The most the fans got was news about a blister. The blisters are supposedly related, but why is today the day they picked to talk about the dip thing. I almost feel like it was some kind of conspiracy.

In other news, Carlos Quentin hit a monster home. Gordon Beckham is playing some defense on third base that would rival Joe Crede’s. A.J. Pierzynski – the smartest, best base runner in the American League- was thrown out at third, costing the Sox a run. And the Sox beat the curse. I always say they can’t hit a pitcher they’ve never faced before. Today, they forced him out after just a few innings!

Alright, that’s about all I have for today. Catch the finale tomorrow, when Mark Buehrle is up to the mound.

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