Monday, August 17, 2009

Royals Get Wrong End of Pendulum

I didn’t think I’d get a chance to update today, what with the on and off rain, but seeing as I had internet access today and the game was just delayed rather than postponed, I had to take advantage. So, I took notes, kept up with everyone’s tweets, and here it is! 2 posts on 2 days!
The game started uneventfully, so we got to hear an earful from Hawk. Among his many gems about getting hit hard and hitting it hard, I cringed at hearing, “he just continued to pound us inside.” Things of that nature are very distracting. In the meantime, I jotted down how I still hated Mark Teahen. And that I still liked Alex Gordon, although he only made his appearance somewhere in the 8th inning.

Mark Buehrle was making me surly. 2 outs, 3 runs in the 2nd. He was already at 81 pitches in the 5th. Not even one K for Buehrle on the night. However, he must’ve sold his soul for the inning ending double play with the bases loaded in the 4th. Aside from the no-run-14-inning-mess in Seattle, Buehrle hasn’t made a good, solid appearance since his Perfect Game. Is it a curse, the same way it was in 2007?

I had started off by saying that I was still not excited about Alex Rios (especially since he seemed to be at the heart of another outfield error). Or as I can’t help but thinking every time I see him, “Javy Vazquez.” Tell me those two aren’t twins? (Not the Minnesota kind.) Anyway, he shoved my size 6 and a half food right in my 6 foot wide mouth. To prove me wrong, Rios triples (double + error) in the 6th to tie game. I’m sure Carlos’s leg is feeling grrrreat after running from first (He had gotten on base after being hit by a pitch.) Alright, he’s okay, let’s not call him a bust just yet.

Memorable: Jayson Nix puts the Sox on the board with a 2-run home with 2 outs in the 2nd. Scotty’s RBI ties game in the 4th. Alexei scores from 1st. A.J. Pierzynski knocks a 2-run homer with 2 outs in 7th as rain pelts down. Scotty’s single in the 8th and a bobble scores Rios to get the lead back. It also adds more fuel to Hawk’s “dreaded leadoff walk” fire.

Questionable: Thornton was already out in the 7th. Understandable (Buehrle was done-zo by the 6th), but not my move of choice. With no other option, Ozzie brought out Scott Linebrink in the 8th. I almost thought we traded him. When’s the last time I saw him? Well, two walks by Linebrink (after 2 easy outs) set the crowd on fire. Boos all around. Then, he gave up a 3-run homer. I almost predicted it. I was about to write, “good thing we have a 7-4 lead because we need a 3-run lead for Linebrink plus room for Bobby.” I didn’t at the time because I was afraid to jinx things. I guess thinking it was enough. By the time it was the top of the 9th, this pendulum of a game had made me skeptical of everyone- including Jenks. I wrote, “What are the odds of Jenks not blowing a save?” Well… 24/28. Happily, he changed those odds to 25/29. Whew!

Random: PK’s pop-out tendencies make me miss Joe Crede. Alexei picks up another error.
It was a messy game, and the rain didn’t make it any better, but it matters that we won and we picked up another half game on the Tigers. Hopefully, this’ll give the offense enough momentum to support Big Game Freddy, who makes his start tomorrow.

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