Tuesday, January 20, 2009

News in Soxtown

A colon is not just something that precedes a list. It's also the name of the Sox' new re-acquisition. I’ve been debating whether or not to write something up about the trade of Bartolo Colon. Honestly, as someone on the some forum said, this move might’ve happened just to give fans something –anything- to talk about. Well, this is certainly an important development. I am assuming that Colon is coming to the Sox to fill the 4th roster position. He’s the bargain version of adding a veteran to the club. The Sox aren’t disguising the trade as something spectacular either. Colon’s contract is clause-ridden and he will really have to earn his paycheck. In case you were wondering, Colon’s numbers weren’t the most impressive, and either was his time on the D.L. The Sox don’t have much to lose with this move, so what more can you say?

And, from new pitchers, to old, Jose Contreras was reported to have thrown off a mound. Great news for him, but still nothing earth-shattering for the Sox. Hopefully, he will regain his mobility and will still have command of his pitches. Hopefully, he will be able to perform well enough and long enough to earn at least part of his massive salary.

And, speaking of massive salaries, Bobby Jenks and the Sox settled on a 1-year, 5.6 million dollar salary. Well, if they hadn’t, who would’ve closed, right? But, in the long run, I could see how maintaining Jenks on the roster could be a problem of the budgetary persuasion.

In “Same Ol’, Same Ol’” news, Brian Anderson gave another interview. He’s smart enough (hey, he went to college, after all!) to realize the Sox seem to have Jerry Owens in mind for the starting position next year. At least, this time, he had the finesse to control himself from throwing blame on his bosses or to throw and tantrum in front of the press and demand to be traded.

And, while Anderson has reasons not to feel good about himself, other Sox players have received recognition in the form of Danks, Thornton, Pierzynski, and Quentin having been placed on the temporary World Baseball Classic roster. It’s nice of them to receive the accolades they deserve- after all, they all gave great performances this year, but I’m sure many agree the exertion may not be worth it.

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