Monday, January 5, 2009

Is No News Good News? And Some Unkind Words for Swish, the Possible Departure of Floyd?

The lack of updates from the Sox have made me anxious. There isn't much to write about, and I've found myself cleaning up the layout and combing through old news, rather than looking up statistics and analyzing moves. But, this search for lost treasure among articles I've already read lead me to yet another look at Swish's departure.

I roll my eyes every time I’m forced to read another “beat article” by the real reporters over at the Times and Tribune just as much as I enjoy reading Chuck Garfein’s [Sox Drawer] tidbits. The guy went to journalism school for broadcasting, not writing, and his problematic use of the words “your” and “you’re” is often distracting, but I look forward to his sporadic updates. What his posts lack in generic reprint-ability (much like Scott Merkin’s repetitive Associated Press regurgitations usually are), they more than make up for in charisma. His back stage stories lack commentary and instead add color to our images of the Sox players. Except for his latest…

I figured Garfein would stop updating with the end of the season. Therefore, I didn’t bother to check November 14th, when he bid adieu to Ex-South Side Goofball, Nick Swisher (and briefly to Crede and Uribe). Only to stumble upon his post today. While he addressed Crede cordially, mentioning how painful it will be for all to part with the image of Crede in a black and white Sox uniform, he certainly had something to say of Uribe and Swish.

Though he made a jab or two at the polar nature of Uribe’s performance, Garfein admitted he would miss him. Of Swisher, his words were far less kind. “I can't say that I'm surprised [that Nick Swisher was traded], especially after witnessing the pity party Nick threw in Minnesota for 3 games in late-September. … instead of recognizing that his bat was as cold as a popsicle, Swisher acted like he needed one, regressing to a 6-year-old, pouting as if he was in Little League. … he walked past a seated Williams in the dugout with a frown and scowl on his face so obvious you would have thought he was Jason Priestley overacting on Beverly Hills 90210.” Ouch! Funny how the months of September and October transformed Swish from the most lovable guy in Chicago to the bratty kid that embarrasses his parents in a restaurant.

And there you have it, folks. I can’t say I disagree with anything. I will, indeed, miss Joe Crede. Rumors have floated about the Astros (who witnessed the type of pain Crede can bring during that faithful month of October, 2005), Indians (who are probably set. Didn't they sign Casey Blake?), and Giants showing interest in the third baseman. The Giants have gone as far as to say they have looked at his medical records, which seem promising, and are looking at a one-year “make-good” contract. I’m sure he’ll be just fine in the National League. Wish I could say we’ll be just as well-off with Josh Fields as a replacement.

And while nothing worthwhile has gone on in the organization since the big Vazquez swap, there are a few things to be mentioned. There were a few articles on the Sox front page. The first [made Bobby Jenks seem like the scariest guy since Scott Boras], and the next made [John Danks look like a great guy]. And then, there were the rumors of moving Floyd for second baseman Brian Roberts. I just want to go on record and say that if that happens, I will see it as the last and final sign that will indicate the Kenny Williams will look at 2009 entirely as a “rebuilding” year, rather than a year to compete for a trophy.

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Anonymous said...

I totally miss Swish. Several of my friends and coworkers have had the pleasure of meeting him and all said that he could not have been nicer. I thought he was good for the team as a whole, too.