Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging with Brian: Sox - Rays Playoff Game 1

Brian Anderson could take my job. He really could. Check out his [Postseason Blog.] I should leave all the blogging up to him. Well, maybe not. Although he seems to be a good speller and knows his they’re/theirs, he needs to work on his stories. But I did enjoy, “Quit timing it, Edmonds.” (Also, did you know B.A. has so many friends, he would make us feel bad by mentioning numbers? I love this kid, but he’s 12.) There is one particular lady who had a burning question for Brian. She wanted to know who [this fella] was because she had caught him [shirtless]. To answer your question, dear, it was Lance Broadway. You’re welcome. And how dare you think he’s Josh Fields! But I digress. Much like me, he’s telling the tale of the offseason.

Today was Game 1. The Sox took on the Rays with Javi on the mound. Long story short, Clayton Richard is a great pitcher. After a few painful innings of hit after hit and 2 solo home runs off the bat of Evan Longoria, it was time for Javi to grab some bench. Javi earned 6 runs despite striking out 6. But if you’re really looking for staggering numbers, how about 5 back to back strikeouts? From someone that isn’t Matt Thornton. In fact, his name is Clayton Richard, the most wide-shouldered man in the MLB. He eventually walked 2 and gave up some hits, but pitched 3.1 effortless innings otherwise. And he did it all with the same strategy. Fastball on the outside corners to the lefties, fastball inside to the righties. And I don’t think he threw any pitches over 90. Maybe this guy should’ve started for us.

As for the offense, the Rays allowed 3 runs early in the game. But the way the points were earned… not exactly an ideal situation. A 3-run homer by Dewayne Wise. The Rock is at it again. And not much else from the Sox until Paul Konerko hit a solo home run in the very top of the 9th. I hope the bats get cracking during the rest of the series, lest the Sox want to end up like their counterparts on the north side.

As for OC, whose mouth is bigger than Swisher’s Contribution to the team (way, way, way bigger), word to the wise: do not start a fight with another MLB player; odds are you’re shorter than him. (Unless we’re talking Dennis Reyes of the Twins.)

Tomorrow, it’s Buehrle’s turn. Buehrle has the big game experience and he’s proven he can be our ace. He will be facing Kazmir looking to split the series before heading back to The Cell.

And, last, the Sox get no respect. Wouldn't it be nice if [The Sox Won it All]?

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