Saturday, August 30, 2008

White Sox Can't Score: Sox - Red Sox Game 1

Friday was the first game of a three-game series against the BoSox. And every fan in the stands or watching the game on T.V. goes into a game like this thinking automatically, “it’s going to be a tough game.” But… why? Surely, if we all have our sights set on a World Series ring for the team, we must think the Sox are a good team. They’re… wobbly at times and they can’t win ‘em all, but if they’re a team good enough to have dreams of winning the World Series, they should have the confidence going into the game to see the opposing team as an equal- if not their inferior. But, here were the Sox Friday night, acting like they were no more entitled to being a first-place team than the Mariners, like they were no more an obstacle to the Red Sox winning than the bugs swarming around Fenway Park. The White Sox lost 8-0 to the BoSox in a completely one-sided battle.

Javi Vazquez picked up the loss today. In all, he gave up 10 hits and 2 walks. To be honest, although he picked up the loss, he wasn’t too awful. Sure, he didn’t shut out the BoSox, but he had 7 strike-outs and was the victim of a fielding error by Pierzynski and fell victim to the field in general (And maybe the umpire. I didn’t necessarily agree with all of his calls, but… that’s not really an excuse.). He left the situation with two on base (And two out, if I’m not mistaken) for Horacio Ramirez. Yes, Horacio Ramirez. If anyone can make me miss Boone Logan, it’s him. At least Booner had a cool goatee… All he had to do was strike out Big Papi to end the inning, but instead walked him. Well, no need to keep him around to do any more damage, so D.J. Carrasco was up next. In case anyone was still thinking of the Kansas City incident and Carrasco hitting Olivo, you had a repeat. With the bases loaded, Carrasco missed with an inside pitch to Youkilis and hit him. He followed that up with a double to assure the White Sox that they had no way to catch up before ending the inning with a groundout. Adam Russell started the 7th inning and got out scorelessly, and Lance Broadway came in the 8th. He walked one and allowed three hits, but struck out two and only worsened the damage by one run.

The pitching wasn’t such a big problem. If there was run support, the real guys would have gone out there to hold the score, but why waste a good arm? The real problem was that all our Sox could must were 2 hits and 2 walks. With a field like that, it seemed like the only thing the batters had to do was get the ball in a hole or a little over the heads of the infielders. All our guys did was ground out and fly out. Paired with 8 strikeouts. This DiceK guy had them all figured out.

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