Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vazquez, Homers, and a Perfect 8th: Sox - Royals Game 1

You know what I love? I love being proven wrong by our guys! It was around 6 o’clock when the news broke that TCQ was scratched from the lineup. Something along the lines of numbness in his left arm- and can you blame him after taking a beating again and again? Anyway, this meant Griffey and Swish would be in the great abyss known as the outfield- at the same time! Inside the park home runs for everybody! In fact, why bother with those guys in the outfield? How about Thome, Konerko, and Toby Hall as LF, RF, and CF in any order you choose? Am I exaggerating? Perhaps. But, for a guy that emphasized defense so much (At least, that’s why Josh Fields was sent down and Juan Uribe is still our third baseman extraordinaire- not that I’m complaining about this one, I can actually root for Chris Getz since I have no personal vendetta against him.), Ozzie doesn’t care much about our defense in the outfield. Anyway, I won’t be a broken record, but needless to say, I was worried. Especially since Javi’s been… on and off. In case I haven’t made my point yet, I wanted a win and I know we need one to pass the Twins- or at the very least keep the gap between us and them to a minimal- and defense is part of that, right?

Back to my point. Everyone proved me wrong. Griffey parked himself successfully and made at least 4 good catches for outs. And Javi? He was a superstar. Once again, met his season high with 10 strikeouts, only one walk, and allowed no runs. His fastball was right where it should be, he had a nasty, nasty curveball, and got in a full 8 innings of work no problem. If only every day would be like today, we would have more trophies than we could fit inside U.S. Cellular! I didn’t even notice that Teahen was there today. And the hitting was pretty solid. Sure, Griffey wouldn’t desist with the grounding out at first bit (And even made one of these lovely groundouts into a double play. Woohoo for him.) and Konerko and Thome weren’t awarded any actual hits. But homers by JD, Pierzynski, and a MONSTER solo HR by Swish all got put on the board. And can we please talk about the 8th inning? Uribe doubled (almost homer!), Cabrera grounds out but gets Uribe to third, Pierzynski doubles (on a pop up that THREE fielders couldn’t get to! HA!), Dye doubles, Thome doubles on an almost home run error, JD gets to third, sacrificed fly by Konerko, Anderson doubles (Told you so, broken record, blah, blah, I’m a fan, blah, blah), and Chris Getz makes his MLB debut, gets his first MLB hit and an RBI on a single! Honestly, can you think of a word other than adorable to describe that moment? I sure as heck can’t! (Okay, I can, but I made my choice!)

Okay, so I’m very happy with tonight’s win, so we’ll have some fun with my notes! I have to shake my head every time I see Billy Butler; he’s about 25, but as girthy as Zambrano. Make fun of Uribe all you wish, but he’s a model compared this kid. Was following the Boston-Rangers game. Boston won 19-17. I kid you not. Boston was leading 10-0 in the first inning and then it just kept going back and forth. That’s some good hitting! Or some bad pitching… Our guys are quite the goofs. John Danks sat in the dugout for quite awhile with a bubble gum bubble on top of his hat. Everyone got a great laugh out of it. Another laugh was when OC fake threw the ball of Getz’s first hit into the stands. Poor kid was so confused, and probably high on adrenaline, I’m sure he didn’t know what was going on. It really was a riot in the dugout- especially with Gavin Floyd walking around pouting about his new haircut. Poor kid, I don’t blame him. But in all fairness, he was overdue for a haircut. And on a final note, A-Rod is not completely useless! He homers to start off the 12th followed up by a double and another homer to finally shelf the Twins at the Metrodome. Sox are back in first place!

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