Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things I've Heard...

It’s all over the newspapers. “I know it's bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt.” That would be Mark Buehrle on Michael Vick. Sure, it’s taken out of context. He [Buehrle] was saying he’s an animal lover, and that guys like Vick, who hurt animals, have something coming for them in terms of karma. But Holy Jesus Wearing Sandals! You can’t qualify something with “I know it’s bad to say” and then blurt it out in an interview! Way to shove your huge foot in your enormous mouth. I think Matt Thornton (talking about Oney’s twitter rampage against Bobby Jenks) sums my feelings up best: “The fact that anything was said at all is ridiculous,” Thornton said.

Now, I know you’re waiting with baited breath for me to deliver on the promise I made last post. More Mark Teahen bashing. Well, here it is. From the front-page itself: “Mark Teahen acknowledges his on-field performance, offensively and defensively, last season was subpar.” Don’t worry, Mark. No one thinks your performance was subpar. It was right on par with your crappy career-long performance. You were playing for the Royals, not the Red Sox, for a reason, honey. Because you are subpar compared with anyone else on your team. Or any other team for that matter. Let’s all face it. Teahen will be eating a lot of bench and using his frequent flier miles on flights to Charlotte this year. Even Peavy said he hears Brent Morel is the third baseman elect, and couldn’t be happier about it. God, I miss Josh Fields… At least he was arrogant about his abilities and I didn’t feel bad about making fun of his unshaven cleft.

One thing I didn’t talk about was Alexei’s extension. And by that, I mean, Dayan Viciedo’s enormous contract. Alexei’s extension finally gave him a contract that wasn’t, well, insulting. Viciedo’s contract makes me wonder if he’ll ever be a big league player and why we owe him so much money. I’m sure the Cuban well has not run dry, but is it possible for the Sox to have struck gold twice? With their luck, no. So, again I ask, for the 40th time, what’s the deal with Dayan Viciedo?

That’s all for today. Keep your eyes open for a post sometime this week that uses actual statistics!

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