Monday, March 2, 2009

Sox Left to Marinate: Spring Training Against the Mariners

Today’s game was another day of observation. After noting Viciedo’s stature yesterday and nixing (no pun intended) Betemit from the list of potential second basemen, it was time to move along in the rotation.

It was Fields day on the field. He tried to butter me up by blasting a double (Ground rule, I think. The quality of the game online was beyond dismal in every way- especially the handful of inning I couldn’t see.) only to get caught in a rundown after either overrunning third base or trying to steal home on a wild pitch. Only one word can describe the situation: [FACEPALM].

Pierzynski and Konerko are still performing very well, and Jim Thome is still the slugger we know, almost going deep twice. It is good to know the veterans can still be counted on. On a more disappointing note, Getz and Anderson are still producing a whole lot of nothing at home plate. I can’t say much for Getz. 6 at-bats aren’t much, but Brian’s had the most of the whole team, and it is frustrating to watching him take first strike fast ball right down the middle and swinging through curve balls, or staring at them dumbstruck. And what frustrates me isn’t BA himself, just the fact that he is Nick Swisher at the end of last season. Something has to change, or he’ll be on the bench for another year.

Owens and [The Rock] haven’t played much the past couple of days, and the authority on baseball, Hawk Harrelson, says he prefers BA. It kind of seems Getz and BA have everyone rooting for them. I would, too, if they gave me a reason. Any reason. Maybe a fun beard.

Richard pitched again today. He was not doing so well this time around and got stuck with four of the day’s 5 runs. No major disasters otherwise, at least, not from what I could see through from the broadcast. Plus, it’s only spring training. If we went off what we saw so far… Dye wouldn’t even make the team.

That’s about it for notes of the game. Remember that (if you have the patience) you can catch these games free online.

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