Monday, February 16, 2009

Contreras and Jenks in the Headlines

Here’s something you never thought you’d hear on the first day of Spring Training: Jose Contreras lost something like 30 lbs (I’ve heard 25, I’ve heard around 40. Guess we’ll see.) in the offseason! I haven't seen the video or any pictures yes, but I'm looking forward to it! Not just that, but he and Ozzie are optimistically [getting ready for a start as soon as May!] Wouldn’t that be something?

Although Jose hasn’t had an ERA below 4.00 (an occurrence that has happened but twice in his career) since 2005 (a career high in innings pitched that has been on the decline ever since), and last year, he acted his age more than ever before- that is, if the rumors are true, and he really is 57, rather than 37, that definitely takes the pressure off (or at least makes it significantly lighter) Ozzie to find a 5th starter among the unseasoned youth on the farm.

At least he’s shown to be eager to get back. The fact that he got into better shape and that he’s saying to pitch now is a sign of good things. Remember his last game? He had earned no hits until his injury suddenly set him back and D.J. Carrasco had to be brought back, if I’m not mistaken. There are hopefully still another 200 good inning left in him to last us the ’09 season.

While Contreras is looking forward to pitching again, [Mark Buehrle can’t wait to retire.] A family-oriented guy, he feels he may not return to the mound for much longer after 2011. You can read the article yourself, but there isn’t much to it other than the basic facts.

And then, there’s Bobby Jenks, who –once again- comes out smelling like roses. Bobby was mentioned in [“Odd Man Out,”] Matt McCarthy’s memoirs of his time in baseball. Well, the excerpt certainly doesn't make Bobby seem like most upstanding guy. He's accused of faking back problems to avoid workouts, the alcohol, and the history of violence. It’s even worded so that it makes it seem like his marriage is a bad thing. I can't blame Jenks for not wanting to be associated with those claims. And I think it'll be real easy for him to win his case because the entire "article" seems like a work of fiction; I wouldn't have a hard time believing McCarthy rounded some corners to make the story flow smoothly. [Bobby’s retaliation was], as usual, everything Carlos Quentin and Joe Crede aren’t: outspoken and stingy on eloquence. Whether or not he actually did make things up is none of my business. It doesn't affect what Jenks has done on the field and his integral role with the Sox.


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Jon Garland compares this years Diamondback starting rotation to the White Sox staff that won a world series a few seasons ago.

Anonymous said...

You should probably try reading "Odd Man Out." A very, very good book. The excerpt was excellent too, inspired me to get the book immediately. Why you thought it was fiction is probably a sign of your dearth of intellect. Jenks was a jackass in the minors. He'd admit it too. He just didn't want his old rep to cloud his current success. Nothing that was written was really that insulting.

If you read the book, you'd know everything was culled from notebooks he took during his experience.