Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Siftin through the Rumors

It’s hard to sift through the garbage to get to what’s really going on with the White Sox organization. Honestly, if you listen to anyone that tells you the Sox are trading Paul Konerko for anyone, you should know that person is a liar of Boras-like proportions. To reiterate what was said repeatedly while Konerko was slumping this summer: no-trade clause. Lots of talk about Vazquez being traded. That might be even more laughable because, first of all, he is not a bad pitcher. He’s unreliable, sure, but he has lots of talent. Second, and most important, is that after a bad year, his trade value would be lower. If you’re gonna trade Javi, wait ‘till you can get something good. That’s the idea that the people suggesting we should trade Floyd have, anyway (sell high, buy low…). Anything is possible, but I'd have to see it to believe it.

What is reliable and what I do know comes from the official announcement that Cabrera, Crede, Hall, Griffey, [Horacio] Ramirez, and Uribe have officially filed for free agency. [And maybe this article.] Apparently, Williams told the press Swisher wouldn’t be playing center field anymore. Is it time for Anderson or Owens to take over? That’s how it seems. I was unaware of this decision, but completely onboard with it. Honestly. You have too much of the same thing. A surplus of pitchers is what we could really use.

And if they won’t bring back Crede, a new third baseman. How about this guy? Dayan Viciendo, 19, is on the White Sox’ radar [according to Cowley] as a possible replacement for Crede. (Seriously, look this kid up sometime. I think you might find yourself slack-jawed!) This seems like one of the best options for now at 3rd base. And can I just say, "HA! I knew they wouldn't settle for Josh Fields!"

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