Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are the Sox Over Swisher?

I really think someone is toying with me. Read [an article today]- a blog post, really. The topic? Nick Swisher used as trade bait. We have enough sluggers (Not to mention outfielders!), they say, and KW wants speed. That leaves Swish the odd man out.

While noting would make me happier, I’m sure his trade value has plummeted and this may not be the best thing for the team overall. I mean, would you trade your start pitcher for a guy [who I personally] nicknamed BeatNick? I think not.

The truth is he’s just had a bad year. Understandable. But overall, he’s not a much better player. I’m thinking .260 at best. Or as God himself, Kenny Williams put it:

"He better," Williams told, when asked if he expected Swisher to raise his numbers in 2009.

Add that to the men who’ve already filed for free agency and you’re looking at a whole new ballclub. In case you’ve lost track, Cabrera, Crede, Griffey, Hall, [Horacio] Ramirez, and Uribe have all filed for free agency. Some will find a home soon (Cabrera, Ramirez, Uribe), some could still come back with the Sox (Hall), and some will find the free agent market unfriendly (Cree, Griffey). We’ll find out soon enough.

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