Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gavin Lite

I can't be the only one that's noticed that of all the White Sox starting pitchers, Gavin Floyd had quite the badonk-a-donk on him. Seriously, this guy was the Kim Kardashian of the White Sox organization. (At least after Dotel and his bubble derriere vacated the state.) I joked about it, but mostly figured it was because he was so tall that it was just to scale with his extremely tall body. When Chuck Garfien asked for questions for the post-game show, my mind had probably started to wander, feeling an ominous coming on. I jokingly threw out to Chuck and my Twitter followers, "Did Gavin Floyd's butt get smaller? Cause that thing used to be HUGE!" I promise I have a point. Lo and behold, Chuck answered my tweet with the news that Gavin lost 25 lbs since last year.

Now I'm not saying that's what made Gavin's game different today, but it may be adding to the adjustment period he is going through at the beginning of the season. I didn't get to see all of the game today, but I liked what I saw from Gavin. I, of course, missed the 4 runs he gave up, but he looked really solid. He didn't seem jittery, he didn't seem concerned that his curve ball wasn't on top, according to the Twitter world, he just went out there and did 7 innings of pretty solid work.

There were definitely some good things about today, too. Like Paul Konerko's first homer of the year. Once again, I didn't see it. Also, there was A.J. being A.J., sliding into the short stop at second base, trying to make him bobble the throw to first. Forget Charlie Sheen, get Pierzynski his own comedy tour.

Sadly, I got to be right today, as Alex Gordon owned our butt. If you type "Alex Gordon" into the blog's search box, you will find that in every post where he is mentioned, I write that I still like Alex Gordon. (Actually, I write "I still like Alex Gordon, even though..." well there's always something not to like, and I still liked him in spite of it. And times like today is why.) And in a post from 2008, I wrote this:
If Crede doesn’t come back next season (as painful as it is for me to admit that it is a possibility), we must move on to the farm, where Josh Fields has been seething with rage and jealousy, having first to relinquish his “hard-earned” spot to Crede and Uribe. I would rather have Jeff Cox play third base than Fields, but it’s an option. There are also third basemen out there or the taking. Maybe the Royals will be na├»ve enough to take Fields off our hands in exchange for Alex Gordon. I can’t explain it, I just really like the kid.
 Well, apparently Kenny Williams reads my blogs, but he thought "Gordon" was a fancy was of spelling "Teahen."

Overall, I'm not losing hope. I just hope the bullpen gets it together. It's been rocky out there for every reliever, and I'd really like to see that change. Drastically. And soon.

And on that bombshell, good night Sox fans!

--And one last thing. I mentioned Chuck Garfien today and in a previous post, I think, but I have to say, he just seems like the nicest guy. Sure, I made fun of his occasional misuse of homonyms, but what he lacks in grammar, he makes up for in good-natured charm. Glad he's on our side of town.

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