Friday, January 15, 2010

Psychic Predicts Tony Pena's Arbitration Results

It is that time of year again- arbitration time. From the Sox, it’s Jenks, Quentin, Danks, and Pena’s time to battle it out.

But, let’s go back to basics. What is salary arbitration? Well, a player is eligible for arbitration between 3 and 6 years of service. The player and the team meet before a third party (an impartial third party, that is) and each comes up with a salary. To illustrate, the Sox would offer Tony Pena $3.14, and Tony Pena would ask for $314,000,000. Tony Pena would say his ERA was a decent3.75 ERA, and the Sox would say he let the score get out of hand every single time he came to the plate. They would each give evidence of their statements and this third party would decide whether Tony Pena would receive $3.14 or $314,000,000. One or the other. No compromises.

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So what are my predictions? I’m guessing, unless they offer something outlandish, Quentin and Danks will get their way, Tony Pena will get $3.14, and Bobby Jenks… might have to find a new team. In all honesty, I believe the arbitrators will side with the Sox because it is in the interest of both to offer up reasonable figures, and Jenks hasn’t been perfect over the last couple of seasons.

In related news, the Sox front page asks if Quentin would be better off DHing? Well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. But it’s not going to happen. The Sox outfield has been fairly patchy for the past couple of years. You need as many pillars there as possible. Something to keep the Fisk sign from caving in onto the grass.

And a random thought for you… Paul Konerko. Coming upon the winter of his big contract. Will he be here in the long run, or was this contract the last we’ll see of Paulie?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Assorted News, Royalty, and Finances

It’s beginning to look a lot like Ch---- icago! In the Royals dugout, that is. First, Josh Fields and Chris Getz moved there in exchange for Mark Teahen. Then the Royals acquired star outfielder Brian Anderson who had a brief stint with the Boston Red Sox. Finally, the Royals signed on Scotty Pods to be their leadoff man. Maybe everyone’s just moving as close to Joe Crede’s home as possible, seeing as he is still a free agent and had his 108th back surgery this offseason. Or maybe the Royals just plan to be the worst team in the history of the AL Central. No offense to Chris Getz, or Scotty Pods, who I think still have hope for a good year, but what is anyone thinking putting Josh Fields on their payroll? I would rather hire my grandma for that kind of money. She might hit less home runs, but she’ll certainly make less fielding errors.

Anyway, seeing how many Sox players there are in the Royals organization makes me think of where other Sox players have ended up. Swish is with the Yankees- he’s even a star pitcher over there. Other star pitchers with the Yankees that were once with the Sox: Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan. WINNERS! Orland Cabrera landed with the Twins, where the Great Joe Crede was last seen. Indeed, the Royals seem to have the highest percentage of ex-Sox players. And the Yahoo! Sports people seem to think the team overall is a “winner.”

In other news, the Sox resigned Castro for about a million. Not a bad price for him, but not exactly an earth-shattering, news worthy piece of information.

And finally, did I call it or did I call it? In an interview with Chuck Garfein over at the Sox Drawer, Jerry Reinsdorf admits that, if need be, the money is there, they just need the right deal. No kidding?