Friday, January 15, 2010

Psychic Predicts Tony Pena's Arbitration Results

It is that time of year again- arbitration time. From the Sox, it’s Jenks, Quentin, Danks, and Pena’s time to battle it out.

But, let’s go back to basics. What is salary arbitration? Well, a player is eligible for arbitration between 3 and 6 years of service. The player and the team meet before a third party (an impartial third party, that is) and each comes up with a salary. To illustrate, the Sox would offer Tony Pena $3.14, and Tony Pena would ask for $314,000,000. Tony Pena would say his ERA was a decent3.75 ERA, and the Sox would say he let the score get out of hand every single time he came to the plate. They would each give evidence of their statements and this third party would decide whether Tony Pena would receive $3.14 or $314,000,000. One or the other. No compromises.

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So what are my predictions? I’m guessing, unless they offer something outlandish, Quentin and Danks will get their way, Tony Pena will get $3.14, and Bobby Jenks… might have to find a new team. In all honesty, I believe the arbitrators will side with the Sox because it is in the interest of both to offer up reasonable figures, and Jenks hasn’t been perfect over the last couple of seasons.

In related news, the Sox front page asks if Quentin would be better off DHing? Well, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. But it’s not going to happen. The Sox outfield has been fairly patchy for the past couple of years. You need as many pillars there as possible. Something to keep the Fisk sign from caving in onto the grass.

And a random thought for you… Paul Konerko. Coming upon the winter of his big contract. Will he be here in the long run, or was this contract the last we’ll see of Paulie?

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