Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sox Win Royally. Or else!

The Sox definitely shouldn’t pat themselves on the back tonight. They beat the Royals, who are the owners of the hands down worst record in the AL Central. Even Juan Pierre shouldn’t pat himself on the back. He managed to steal bases with his butt twice, but I have no recollection of how he got on base.

Yes, we must acknowledge that Jake Peavy finally had the performance we had been looking for all year. He kept the Royals scoreless through 7+ innings, and had the benefit of Andruw Jones on a good day. But it’s the Royals, so we need a repeat performance before he can relax.
One guy that can pat himself on the back is PK who was last week’s AL player of the week. With all those home runs, breaking the franchise record for most home runs in April, and being an overall RBI machine, it’s not surprising. PK has 12 home runs this season, and twice as many RBI.

Andruw Jones is next with 8 long balls of his own in his repertoire. In terms of AVG, he is just behind Alex Rios.

In bad news news, Donny Lucy was sent back to the minors. Maybe that’s the best option for him, seeing as he won’t get MUCH playing time with the Sox (Although if AJ doesn’t consistently produce… anyway.), but in his 15 at bats with the Sox, he’s done more than Ramon Castro ever has- Perfect Game excluded.

Overall, I am disappointed to see there is no solution to the lead-off man problem, but hopeful that if we Sox fans as a collective boo enough, things will get better. Or is that the opposite of common sense? Kenny Williams says he’s nothing thinking of trades yet. And he’s right. If he wants to trade Pierre for a better leadoff option (perhaps a cut-out of Southpaw?), he’s going to have to give up serious assets. Perhaps the other option is sending Juan to the minors for a bit.

That’s all I have for now. It’s been a busy weekend, so I’ve missed a lot of game coverage, but I should be back in full swing over the next few weeks.

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