Tuesday, February 23, 2010

News out of Training Camp

Suddenly, the White Sox frontpage is alive with updates. Just as I’d hoped, the start of baseball season is creeping up on us and the little tidbits of news are the breadcrumbs we get to follow. So, here’s what the Sox are updating us on this week:

First, Bobby Jenks has broken up with alcohol. It seems that, whether because of media attention, health, or family problems, Jenks has realized he had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and he “quit cold turkey”. Now, I’m not an expert on these things, but I’m not sure that’s how it works. I don’t find this story to be appropriate for the White Sox frontpage, but good for him from a personal standpoint.

Speaking of pitchers doing better, Gavin Floyd says his hip is back in top shape, and that he’s been working on more than strength. It wasn’t until I read this article that I realized how terribly Gavin’s season has gone. He had a terrific June with a 1.28 ERA, but that was the only ray of sunshine between some very weak pitching months. I can only hope he’s back to form.

In other pitcher news, the Sox have converted Sergio Santos (WHO!?) into a reliever. Just last spring training, he was an infielder, and now he’s vying for the last bullpen spot. He seems to have a good fastball (98 MPH, supposedly) and he’s working on a couple more pitches, but we’ll have to see.

Finally, Andruw Jones has been named the DDHAL (Designated Designated Hitter Against Lefties). But what really stuck out to me from this article was the name Alex Rios. No developments about his progress so far. That’s one guy I’m looking forward to seeing. Well, not looking forward to, but curious about. I’d really like to know if Javi Vazquez’s look alike is also his twin in the performance arena.

That’s about all the news. If you want to read the full articles, WhiteSox.com is the place to go.