Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Massive Update/Apology

I know it may seem like I’ve jumped ship this season. Trust me, you’re not wrong. With the amount of work I’ve had to put in to “real life” things and the amount of disappointment Chicago Sports have induced this year, can you blame me? But here is a long-overdue post. Before I start ripping a hole into everything, here’s some good stuff!

Gordon Beckham has been voted Rookie of the Year in two different races. There’s one more left, but I’m content as of right now. The one bright spot in the Sox’ year has been the man who puts the “ham” in “Beckham.” It’s really amazing what he did for the team this year. From popularizing The Outfield’s “Your Love” to taking over third like a seasoned pro, he really kept fans excited even when the ship was sinking. Thanks, Becks.

In other “bright side” news, Mark Buehrle won his first Gold Glove this year. He’s a pretty shnazzy defensive pitcher, so the award was clearly deserved. Of course, this honor, plus his perfect game this year, will remain as Buehrle’s personal best year. And to think I always think of him as the third-best pitcher the Sox have on staff. Shame on me.

While I’m in a good mood, let me take this paragraph to thank those reading it. I am really happy to have reached the one-year milestone with The White Sox Blog in June. I feel very lucky to be part of a community of smart, loyal fans, and surrounded by other writers that I really respect.

Alright, enough of that. Now, let’s get down to some news. Or something.

Chris Getz, Little Crede, Carl, whatever you want to call him, has been traded to the Royals in exchange for Mark Teahen. On the bright side, he’s taking Josh Fields with him. I have no words to express the joy that the Sox are finally recognizing him as a sunk cost and cutting their losses. I’m going to miss Chris. He’s a genuinely nice guy and a solid dude on base and at the plate.
As for Mark Teahen, who is headed our way, it’s no secret that I hate him. I’ve never realized his name was Mark and called him Mike simply because he was “that a-hole on the Royals.” He’s always been able to handle the Sox hitters, but we’ll see how he’ll fit in in the clubhouse and how the adjustments in the infield will affect the team. I think Beckham should stay at third, if you ask me, but… who am I to tell them what to do? If it was up to me, Joe Crede would still be our starting third baseman.

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, hey, hey, good bye! Jermaine Dye and Octavio Dotel have filed for free agency and aren’t likely to return. On the other hand, Scotty Pods might be returning. I feel slightly upset about Dye leaving because he’s one of our 2005 guys, but the last season was deplorable for him. Dotel… Dotel-Gives-Up-2-Run-Homer-In-The-Night-Dotel. Well, I’m not going to miss him much. But it makes me wonder about the Sox bullpen. As for Scotty Pods, I love him! I think he was the spark we needed this season, and he deserves another chance. I’m not saying $99 million over 4 years, but maybe $3 over 2?

In semi-related news, Carlos Gomez has been traded to the Brewers. Hawk Harrelson is believed to be heartbroken after his mancrush has left him for another league. In the famous words of the Hawk himself, “No one can close a gap like Carlos Gomez.”

Awhile ago, DeWayne “The Rock” Wise filed for free agency. He didn’t want to go back to Charlotte. And he didn’t appreciate the fans booing him. Well I didn’t appreciate him being the worst Black Ross Gload Ever!

But, Garcia and Thornton are staying. The Sox picked up their options. Thornton is obviously one of the most valuable assets the Sox have, especially with the Jenks drama a-brewing. As for Freddy, he might still have some gas in the tank. I feel slightly better having him as a fifth starter than having Contreras or Colon. Of course, not by much.

As the offseason continues, I promise I will keep you updated on trades, planes, and automobiles. And I’ll try to answer questions about the future. Like… who will be our DH? Who will be our first baseman? How old is Jose Contreras, really?

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